About Aproove:

Aproove gives you all the tools you need to enable 24/7 online proofing, dynamic document annotation, document review and fast sign-off, made simple through an easy-to-use client interface. Using Aproove will enable your sales and marketing teams to work with their clients and to provide a new experience of enhanced communication and collaboration.

Key features:

  • Easy collaboration with mobile device: iPhone, iPad and Android mobile devices.
  • Quick invitation process with anonymous guest (needs only an email address).
  • Versioning control and display with the ability to compare “before and “after” versions.
  • Faster annotation with only one tool smart enough to automatically switch modes depending on the context (text, image, layout, etc.).
  • Interactive PUSH technology to see new annotation or page’s status changes.
  • Smart preview with flat-plan view and 3D flip booklet.

The aims:

Aproove creates a new experience for your clients by putting them in control of the validation process and allowing them to work collaboratively with your team. Internal process of validation will be streamlined to increase structural efficiency. Aproove will allow you to create a long-term relationship with all you clients by increasing their collaboration experience to a new level.