Axaio MadeToPrint

Intelligent printing and exporting with Adobe InDesign and Quark XPress. Teams struggling with insufficient or unfriendly output procedures inside leading publishing tools can use axaio MadeToPrint to speed up and standardize printing and exporting.

axaio MadeToPrint Standard: One-click manual export and print

axaio MadeToPrint Standard is a plug-in for Adobe® InDesign®, Illustrator® or InCopy® and an XTension for QuarkXPress®. Fitting neatly into those publishing applications, MadeToPrint Standard allows manual, one-click, print and export from your design document to one or more output targets.

axaio MadeToPrint Auto: Hot folder Automation At Its Best

axaio MadeToPrint Auto makes all functionality from MadeToPrint Standard available in a fully automated way using integrated hot folder support. It can be integrated with automation systems such as Enfocus Switch and SwitchBOX.

axaio MadeToPrint Server: True server processing with Adobe InDesign Server®

In companies where high-speed, high-volume output is of the essence, axaio MadeToPrint Server provides a true server application. It can be configured remotely and includes a restricted version of Adobe® InDesign® Server for higher reliability and performance. It can be integrated with automation systems such as Enfocus Switch or SwitchBOX.