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Digital Automation:

"Many view digital disruptions

as a roadblock when, in fact,

they are necessary catalysts for business innovation and growth."

The time has come to put away the old rulebooks of business and embrace the market game-changers. Today, for every digital challenge, there is powerful automation software to help elevate your business practices and protect your market share. These automated solutions can help minimise the time you spend on business processes and tasks and help maximise profitability and longevity. Automation helps deliver agility and responsiveness - a key component of business survival.


There has been a paradigm shift and Soltect will work with you to implement solutions aligned with your digital strategy to guide your business through this digital revolution.


• We can deliver custom-built solutions specific to your market. 

• We can project manage your digital transformation by implementing SwitchBOX.

• We can develop a web-based interface to interact with your customers.

• As an open integration solution, we connect to any Web To Print and M.I.S. system.


The growth potential for your business is well worth one phone call. Find out how we can digitally enhance your business with the power of automation. Call today.

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