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“Early adopters will be the winners. A business that delays digital capability, could soon find itself

dormant or dead.”

Transform digital disruption into business dynamism 
Soltect Digital will help guide you through this digital 'joyride' and help your business navigate today’s complex terrain. We specialise in providing strategic consulting, project management, and software solutions across a wide range of industries.


In this rapidly changing digital age, initiating a digital transformation journey could seem like a dizzying rollercoaster ride. That’s why it’s critical to have a plan that keeps you in control  – and delivers the exhilarating highs of digital readiness. Not having a well-devised digital strategy in place could see you plummeting into the panic – brought on by the unexpected dips and dives of an ever-changing digital landscape. Taking early, proactive steps will keep your business on track. You will be well prepared to meet marketplace disruptors head on – and maneuver the business through unforeseen loops.


FREE CONSULTATION - call us today
At Soltect, we provide a complimentary first consultation where we assess the digital readiness of your business and provide you with advice on a no-obligation basis. You’ll discover where you stand in this digital continuum and learn about new growth opportunities for your business. We’ll suggest solutions to tailor your budget, customised to your business needs. Contact us today to take advantage of this offer.



Soltect has created a personalised half half-day executive program to understand and master digital disruption. After completing the workshop, you will be able to gain an in-depth understanding of where your business stands on this digital 'roller coaster' journey. This short workshop is a great first step – even if you’ve already started using digital tools. It will help open your eyes to the immense business benefits of a digital transformation as you discover how you could to link and streamline various parts of your business and create new efficiencies.

On completion, you could choose to proceed with our Stage 2 workshop– “Shaping your Digital Strategy”. Call us for more information.


"Digital implementation isn't just about connecting to new technologies  - it's about connecting with customers"

Having a digital strategy is only the first step. Next, we can help you with a stage-by-stage implementation plan. This will help future-proof your business for increased profitability in a continually changing digital scenario.


Implementing digital strategies is not just about being technology-enabled but all about raising your customer service to the next level and becoming more customer-centric.


The stress-free way to delivering a better customer experience 
Soltect has built strong, long-term relationships with key global partners to deliver state-of-the-art solutions to help fulfill customer needs.  Our wide-ranging experience, working with both large multinationals to small businesses, allows us to deliver a ‘made-to-fit' implementation service for your enterprise. Today’s digitised processes and digital tools deliver not just increased productivity and efficiency, but a superior customer experience for sustained business growth. 

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