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"Digital disruptors are nothing
but breakthrough business strategies - in disguise."

What many refer to as technology ‘ disrupters'  have proved to be a necessary part of business transformation and growth. We have a comprehensive range of digital solutions to modernise your business and reposition your company to benefit from today’s exciting digital opportunities.


Our software solutions:

SwitchBOX is all about the solution. SwitchBOX will streamline your business to make it run more efficiently by integrating with web and mobile applications. The technology’s flexibility will always be customised to fit your business.

SwitchBOX is a simple way to integrate Enfocus Switch with third-party applications. Whether you are a small business or a large corporation – SwitchBOX is adaptable to the scale and specific needs of your business.

The core products to create your personalised SwitchBOX automation solution for a successful digital transformation are:

•Enfocus Switch: a fully customisable workflow automation software.

•Enfocus PitStop: a PDF pre-flighting, normalising and editing software.

•Enfocus ConnectALL: an advanced delivery tool for PDF pre-flighting.

•Callas software:  a PDF pre-flighting and normalising software with custom built automation for PDFs using the latest HTML-5 technology to build Templates.

•Ultimate Impostrip: imposition and finishing automation solution.

•SwitchBOX-Approval: an easy 3 step Web-based solution for job approvals, integrated within SwitchBOX.

•Good2Go Software: a web-based service that simplifies collaboration, while keeping communications organized between a print service provider and their clients.

Our digital implementation services:

Together with software, the implementation and the mapping components are a critical part of any customised digital solution. We can set up and manage SwitchBOX to help create a seamless solution for your business.

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