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Project management:

“People say transformation is about ‘preparing for the future’.

In reality, it is about preparing for

all possible futures.”

The key success of any project is how well it is managed from inception to completion. You could have the best strategy – but a well-planned implementation is critical to delivering a success story. 


Soltect will help prepare and structure your business in the journey of creating an efficient, automated printing workflow from Web-to-Print Storefronts and eCommerce to MIS/ERP with a Prepress Automation Workflow. 

Soltect’s 5-step strategy for successful project implementation: 

MASTER: Identify and master your digital disruptors.

MOULD: Develop a responsive digital plan with scenario-analysis.

MARK: Set your goals in a progressive way to reach your milestones

MANAGE: Create your driving force (skilled teams)

MOMENTUM: Deliver Team Rewards to maintain momentum and progress

Our implementation strategy, will help ensure projects are delivered within scope, within the set timeframe and on budget. Call us today.

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